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With some clients, White Tiger works as a merchandising and product packaging partner. These businesses want us to handle every aspect of design, packaging, merchandising, as well as promotional, collateral and marketing activities. 

With other clients, we perform as an independent product packaging and merchandising services company.  These companies look to us to provide package design and or merchandising solutions that answer one or more specific challenges as needed.

A Proven Track Record Of Delivering Maximum Returns 

When you work one-on-one with White Tiger, the solutions that emerge are focused on your objectives. From concept through production, White Tiger's expertise combines business strategy with marketing creativity to ensure that your customers enthusiastically respond, and you maximize your competitive advantage. 

Find the solutions that grow your market share. Maximize your competitive advantage. Contact White Tiger now.  

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An easy 3-step process
to achieve your objectives

A strategic understanding of your business goals, challenges, budgets and customer life cycle.

Through detailed and open discussions about all aspects of your business, we set the stage for us to work our magic.

A creative strategy that’s tied tightly to your business objectives.

Through our additional research, we identify the critical insight, build the strategy, layout the plan and create the concepts to determine, with you, the most successful path to take for success.

An execution and evaluation based on mutual agreement.

From production through fulfillment, we handle as much of a total project as you decide. White Tiger can even help with post-project evaluations that review the goals, the process and the outcomes. 

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